Really Really really really REALLY Wanna Make A New Blog

I made a blog with a specific theme before, but I had to take it down because I was just too busy and therefore wasn’t getting anywhere. So that should be a hint as to what it is.

I’m not telling outright because I might end up not doing it. However, like the title says, I really really really really really want to.

So I should right?


Drupal would be a great platform, because CCK would allow me the taxonomy to properly arrange all the details and Views can show them off properly as well. It can then help readers easily sort through top to bottom of ranges of data. PLUS, I would be starting from scratch, unlike what I’m doing now – migrating from WP to Drupal with the other sites. Always better that way obviously.

One other thing I need to check with Drupal – if there’s a functionality similar to WordPress’ fantastic Postie, which as I mentioned before, desperately needs updating to the latest WP versions as it looks like it had been abandoned by the orig developer. Sayang talaga yun. That terrific plugin alone can help zillions of writers either start blogging or convert to WP, imho.

On the content side, I’d need to personally talk to each vendor specifically to a.) ask how frequently they can provide me PRs and data, and b.) promote it to them of course. A plus is that the subject matter is international, so the audience would primarily be local, but would also be interesting to most anyone else all over the world. So that’s nice right.

But the downside?

Dang, another web project. Patong patong na naman ang mangyayari nyan, and I’m afraid to be running around like a headless chicken again not knowing where to start.

But at the same time, I know better now. I learned my shit from the previous attempts and I can apply myself better imho. Hmm. Hmm talaga.

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