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I actually have a different site to herald events going on on the Exchange sites, but I’m announcing it here anyway. MomEx now has Book Reviews, starting with a review from Jill re a book for teens. I worked all day today on this and I’m pretty happy how that worked out. Later on I’m gonna tweak the node page further to align the image and highlight stuff better but for the most part I’m happy.

This is the 2nd feature I’ve added recently, the first one being the Bloggerfeeds section, which shows feeds from 18 and counting Mom Blogs at the moment. Some blog more often than others naturally, but I’m getting good stuff for the most part.

I realize I’m happy working on my sites, and frequently when I go out such as attend events and whatnot, I compare how fun it’d be to working on the sites. Other than the fact that it’s great to see something work out, it’s great to actually make ‘web services’ that aim to help people. Jesus Christ I know that sounds corny, but I think about Book Reviews, for example, and I envision a time when a parent would find an interesting review there and buy the book for their kid. Wouldn’t that be fun? Wouldn’t that be far more helpful than, say, declaring on Facebook or making a blog post about how you want to eradicate illiteracy, but stop short there? Wouldn’t that be far more effective and efficient than, say, joining a rally on the streets?

I know in effect I’m patting my own back after writing what I just did, but it really really makes me feel good to do stuff like this. I know for sure that yeah it might not catch on real quick, or that people might use it for whatever other purpose it might serve them (such as self – promotion or whatever), but I figure the benefits outweigh whatever bad stuff it might do. I figure most people would catch on to what I’m trying to do, and get with the program. I certainly hope so.

Well that’s it. It’s 747pm on a Thu night and tomorrow is another fun day with my wife – to – be where we’ll attend an event (!), and hopefully catch a movie.

After which on Sat or next Mon or whenever I can, I’ll work on something else. I sooooo love what I do. Now if it were only more profitable.

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