Our Interview No Show

If it weren’t for Dong and My Dearest Cuz’s wonderful wedding yesterday (I was Best Man), I’d not have easily forgotten my disappointment about our TV no – show interview on Wednesday night.

Well, here’s what happened.


About 3 weeks ago Jill and I were interviewed by QTV‘s Fit and Fab, a beauty – wellness – fashion tv magazine type show hosted by Theresa Licaros and Maggie Wilson (no they didn’t do the interviewing). Topic was primarily the Kikay Shop for an online shopping segment.

At any rate, it took a half day off of a workday (and a very hot one at that) at Jill’s house. I shared my supplier’s contacts as well, all of whom were Multipliers and engaged in selling on their own.

Wednesday came along (the 14th) and with bated breath we waited. Finally the show started (10PM), and we watched, waited, watched and waited some more. Finally the segment re online shopping came. I watched one, two, three of my recommended suppliers’ interviews! They looked great and I felt happy for them (because they really are great). We waited, watched and waited .. and waited.

Until finally the segment was over, and they moved on to commercial and another topic. Could it be our own interview was scrapped? We waited even more until finally, the show was over, and there it was, our names on the credits. But unfortunately, no interview.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it that night, but when my head cleared the day after I realized what happened was, basically, we just wasted our time. I could’ve just shared my supplier’s contacts even before we met, and not have to do that interview. It’d have spared all of us so much time and effort. Not to mention Jill’s time and effort as well, and also her sister Krissy’s.

In other words it was a whole lot of effort, excitement and waiting for zero result. For nothing. And afterwards I wished they just didn’t contact us at all. I know it sounds vain to want to see ourselves on TV, but truth is, I felt used. Like a dunce. A loser.

Of course, how they write their show is none of my business, but remembering all those years writing for publications I don’t think I’ve ever inconvenienced people so much to come up with nothing. We didn’t even get an explanation – although looking back maybe it’s better that way, since the time’s been wasted already and there’s no way to get it back anyway.

Looking back, the only thing I think I’m taking away from that is that I should be more careful with future interviews, and also, that I don’t think it’s a good idea to disappoint the people behind Kikay Exchange. Of course, we’re not going to ‘retaliate’ or do anything stupid like that. It just feels like a really bad move to get on our wrong side, you know? Not a smart move at all.

Thank God Cuz’s wedding yesterday was terrific. Happy Pics to follow.

2 thoughts on “Our Interview No Show

  1. hay naku they do that all the time, learned the hard way when our baby sling business was starting, the only good press I really got was from Tessa Prieto who even included our pictures in her column, god bless her, and she bought tons of stuff pa. Yung mga taga-tv feeling nila parang regalo nila sa yo that you’re on tv when mutually beneficial naman yung arrangement, they have something to show on their crappy shows (bitter much he he he)

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