Today’s the Big Day

wish me luck!
update: as of 17:46 I’ve managed to upload everything, and finally changed the DNS entries to point to my new host. Although the recommended waiting period is 12 hours it should probably be ok before midnight. Meanwhile I’m gonna get a beer and rest a bit. That was a solid 8+ hours of work (off and on since 8am), delayed mostly by the length of time it takes to back up, transfer and activate my gargantuan databases. Crossing fingers.
update: woke up to work on it at 2am and at 4am, and finally 6am. By now, 835am, everything seems to be working normally. There were some issues with too little RAM allocated by php.ini. This did not allow some internal wp-admin pages to load, resulting in a white screen. I upped it to 16 which still wasn’t enough, and now to 24 and is now pending observation. LFTP’s mirroring was also not recursive, and did not migrate the directories write permissions, which is a drag, but not a complete disaster as there are only a few specific dirs that need tweaking. I needed to reload and re-cache my browser several times and reboot, and even removed the OpenDNS IPs which I use, then put them back again, and now finally I can see all the sites. Apparently I should have used rsync, but they (my host) put LFTP there for me so I thought that was the SOP. Anyway..

I’m really tired now. The sites look ok so far so I think I’ll go to sleep, after which I need to finish an article for SME Insight and get it in before lunch. I hope my editor doesn’t read this.

The last command I’ll enter, hopefully for awhile is:

ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Manila /etc/localtime, which results in: Mon May 21 08:55:09 PHT 2007. Now to zzzz.

I am looking for someone who loves pets and can write about them

All sorts of pets. From dogs to cats to pigs to reptiles to birds to insects etc. etc. etc.

And then, this person should be able to write articles about them. About how it is to be a pet owner in the Philippines. The caring and feeding of pets. The trials and tribulations, joys and pain, concerns, highs and lows, tricks of the trade, people to know, places to be, every info possible about pet ownership. He should be really into this kind of stuff.

Then, if this person is really good, he or she can help look for other writers with the same passion for pets so they can all exchange content about their specific areas of pet interests. Content targetted towards the average home – owner who enjoy pets for companionship, to people involved in the trade of pets, all the way to breeding pets for competition. The whole gamut, in a Philippine setting for a Philippine audience.

Hopefully, this person resides in or around Manila and is comfortable with HTML, but if not, that’s ok, as long as they’re on the ‘net.

If you are this person, please take the time to contact me. If you know of one who fits the bill, I hope you can forward this to them. My email is ghmercado at gmail dot com. Thank you so much!

I will PAY YOU to write for Mom Exchange

If you are a mom, mom – to – be, or otherwise someone who can write articles that you think is worth reading by visitors of Mom Exchange, please email me writing samples plus relevant info about you, and I’ll hook you up with anything from P150.00 – P300.00 each time you write.

Sure that may not be a lot, but considering blogposts can range from only a few words to 500+ words max (preferably with non-copyrighted or permission granted pics), that’s easy money right there. I am looking to fill up at least 2 to 3 new posts this way every week.

However a word to the wise : If you are looking to make a lot of dough, or intend this to be your main source of income, I’m afraid we may not have the same expectations and risk ending up disappointed. But if you love sharing your mom or mom – related stories and issues, make a few friends along the way, plus make some cash, then we are on the same page, so let’s do this.

If not, please help spread this around to those who apply. Many, many thanks.

We’re looking for an accountant

or someone who can help us:

  1. learn to set up our books.
  2. develop sops to keep track of expenses.
  3. learn business best practices.
  4. i’m saying the same things am i?
  5. ok what else..
  6. sing and dance?
  7. particularly ‘on my own’ ala Mau Marcelo, the 1st Phil. Idol.

No, seriously. We need someone to teach us keep track of stuff. It’s not like we’re raking it in, it’s more like Jill doesn’t listen to me when I try to teach her how important it is to use Excel instead of bits of paper when she does her ‘accounting’. Hehe. Seriously. I also need someone to help me as Jill is going to take the bar this year, and she seriously needs to start burying her head in reviews. Terms after the ‘more’.

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All your eggs. In one basket.

So here’s my plan. I’ll move my hosting lock stock and barrel to PLDT (provided they actually have hosting rates that are anywhere near realistic), or some universally recognized data exchange (and by universally I mean Globe, Bayantel, Smart, PLDT, etc.), and they’ll be the only reliably accessible sites in the known universe! (and by universe i mean Philippines, which is my target market anyway).

Sounds like a plan ‘no?

Seriously, although all those mighty telcos from Singapore to Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and over here are scrambling all over the place to get those undersea cables fixed, I highly doubt we’ll get anywhere near normal performance until way into February.

I mean, those guys said it themselves in this article, when they said they won’t invest in a backup solution because basically, the chances of a disaster is so remote they pretty much lay down those cables once and forget about it “for a hundred years”.

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