I’m Looking for Real Estate Brokers

I would like to solicit the help of active Real Estate Brokers, Property Developers or other people involved in the Real Estate business.

Please keep in mind this is not to buy anything, sell you anything, hire you, make you attend a ‘seminar’ or anything of that sort. I need your opinion in the development of a project.

I only need an hour’s worth of your time, and I can meet you at any mall in the Makati or Ortigas area (I am from Cainta). Coffee’s on me.

In return for your time, I will help you PROMOTE your business, service or any property you are currently selling. You may contact me at 09214588689 or email ghmercado at gmail dot com.

Friends, if you know of anyone, please ask them to contact me.

Movie Exchange Makeover!

Announcing some new stuff:

  1. new template! I’ve decided to use Frenchman Neuro’s three column template rather quaintly called “Identification band – parallel Boyish style” for Movie Ex. It features some 220px wide columns and a nice larger content area which can fit Youtube Videos. This means we can finally post Movie Trailers! This template also happens to have “Most Active Posts” and “Latest Comments” built in, as well as a neat Accessibility feature which can auto-increase the font size for those having difficulty reading.
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