Movie Exchange Makeover!

Announcing some new stuff:

  1. new template! I’ve decided to use Frenchman Neuro’s three column template rather quaintly called “Identification band – parallel Boyish style” for Movie Ex. It features some 220px wide columns and a nice larger content area which can fit Youtube Videos. This means we can finally post Movie Trailers! This template also happens to have “Most Active Posts” and “Latest Comments” built in, as well as a neat Accessibility feature which can auto-increase the font size for those having difficulty reading.
  2. Yahoo! Upcoming Movie Feeds! Was contemplating on “Now Showing” feeds as well, but it turned out cluttered, so this’ll do for the moment. There are hundreds of interesting feeds out there, ranging from Top Selling DVDs, Top Rated Movies, Reviews from Roger Ebert, and imdb related news, etc., but Coming Soon seems to be best.
  3. New Star Rating System! Am about to implement a 5 star rating system where posters need only place simple text that will automatically convert to a number of stars. The original plugin used humongous stars, so its a simple job of making them smaller and we’re good to go
  4. Coming soon – more great stuff! That sounds pretty generic, but there’s a ton of stuff I want to do. Things like Coming Soon for Philippine Theaters in particular, interaction with local movie groups, and a page that shows all those nice feeds including movie trailers and such, which are all available and ready for the taking.

Let me know what you think!

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4 thoughts on “Movie Exchange Makeover!

  1. yeah i tested it when you said you were having probs but it looks ok fortunately :)Another idea i forgot to add – posting coming soon news (for local theatres) and offering them as rss. <b>no one does that</b> that I know of, and also, posting scheds for all those film festivals I know you like so much.Slowly but surely cuz..

  2. Well for some strange reason beyond my comprehension, my earlier comment here got posted while the ones I submitted for "Poseidon" and your post on "Failure to Launch" got lost in cyber world.  Weird.Sure Cuz,  I can email you schedules of future film festivals when they begin their runs locally.  I'm currently enjoying the ongoing French film festival at the Shang Cineplex, this week. :D

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