Contesting Ownership of ‘’

Below is letter I sent to the domain registrar of I do not own that domain. If you go there, you will see a static website that is built to earn from ads from visitors who are looking for but mistakenly go to that domain instead.

Good day,
My name is Gabriel H. Mercado.
I am a Filipino businessman residing in the Philippines.

I am writing you in connection with a domain that has apparently been registered with your service:

I am contesting ownership of this domain for the ff. reasons:

  • I own a website called, along with several other websites residing in subdomains of the main domain: (please check other sites at my signature below).
  • has been in existence since August 2006. Our first post is linked here.
  •, due to its unique url, is often mistakenly referred to as ‘kikayexchange dot com’.

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Our First Kikay Exchange LiveBlogging Event

Featuring Neva Talladen of Leyende Organics, will be held twice tomorrow, Friday, June 20, 10-1045AM and again at 8-845PM.

Fans of Neva’s famous Leyende Organic Products will be able to chat with her live. They can ask questions, talk about her products, or just say hi. This is a great opportunity for Neva to touch base with the legions of female readers who have always been interested in her products as well as those who are already loyal buyers.

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Kikay Exchange’s Breakthrough Day

Our baby had an important day yesterday, Nov. 9th, for the first time registering 617 unique hits, the most ever in one day.

So let me just say it: Our little baby is now a lady :). Urk.

Anyway, the most number of visitors was recorded at 58 concurrent at 10:00 in the morning, with the least at 6 people at 5AM. That’s an average of 25.7 visitors per hour.

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