Kikay Exchange’s Breakthrough Day

Our baby had an important day yesterday, Nov. 9th, for the first time registering 617 unique hits, the most ever in one day.

So let me just say it: Our little baby is now a lady :). Urk.

Anyway, the most number of visitors was recorded at 58 concurrent at 10:00 in the morning, with the least at 6 people at 5AM. That’s an average of 25.7 visitors per hour.

I told myself not to talk about the sites too much anymore here, but I just wanted to say that out loud. I had been waiting for 600+ hits for awhile now, only getting close a number of times at 590+, so much so I was starting to wonder if the server could only handle that much after it’d fold or something.

So, hooray!! Hooray hooray hooray to us. What a wonderful feeling.

Now back to work.

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