My Philippine Pali Goal – A Bucket List Is Born

Why is it we set seemingly difficult, unnecessary goals for ourselves? Is it because we find the idea of pursuing it romantic? Does it serve as some form of reverie, something that allows us to escape the day’s challenges so that we can instead think of this lofty goal and find pleasure in finding a way towards achieving it?

I ask because yeah that’s exactly what’s happening because for some odd reason I have decided that I want to drive to the Philippine Pali (Highest Point) in the Philippine Highway System at Benguet. And not just get there, but get there using either of my two small motorcycles.pali

pic from here.

Jill and I passed this point a few years back when we went to Sagada. I remember seeing the sign very briefly as our bus whizzed by and wishing we stopped over, although we already just came from a stop over a few minutes before that (if memory serves).

Of course at the back of my mind I decided to go up there again someday, and now that I am into restoring the S90 those thoughts kind of jumbled up together and have now combined. My goal now is simple: 1.) restore the bike 2.) drive it to Pali.

As of the moment I’ll stick with those general guidelines as I have neither the time nor funds to concentrate on even number 1. But what I can indulge in I do so with gusto, which is daydreaming. These videos help. Actually after watching those and breaking down the actual driving it doesn’t seem too daunting anymore. Getting the bike to a reasonable if not exceptional level of driveability is what looks to be my bigger challenge.

I will update this soon as events occur.

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