Leslie Finally Registered



changecolorAlso had the chain covers sandblasted and colored white. Took a week.


Unfortunately the chain I’m using now scratches the inside of the chain cover because it’s sized too big. I ordered a smaller correct size and I’ll get it next week after which I can install this.

The big registration task is finally done. The last step is to change ownership, which will require:

  1. Original Copy of Registration Certificate (check).
  2. Original copy of current official receipt of payment (check).
  3. Original copy of deed of sale / transfer (check).
  4. Insurance certificate of cover (check).
  5. Confirmation of registration certificate (check).
  6. Board of resolution of secretary’s certificate if vendor / transferree is a corporation (not applicable).
  7. Actual inspection of motor vehicle and duly accomplished MCIR (stencils of motor chassis nos.) (check.)
  8. CHPG Clearance – (I do not have this yet.)

So that’s it. Soon as I have the CHPG clearance this thing is finally in my name. Yessss.


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