Laguna Loop 2019

I did this last January 2015, and had a great time. I did it again last August 22, 2019 and it was different.

The thinking behind this was simple. I often feel anxious, as if I should be doing something important with my time. Something valuable, whatever that means. Thing is I can’t think of anything so while I’m waiting for that revelation why not go take a nice drive around the country?

And a nice ride it is. Some observations:

  • I shouldn’t do this on a weekday. The traffic at the San Pedro – Sta. Rosa – Calamba up to Los Banos area is terrible. It got so much better around the Pangil – Siniloan area which are mostly mountains, but got even worse when I got to Cainta. Riding is fun and quick but traffic is always a downer whatever you’re driving.
  • I left around 8am and got back 5pm. The first time I did this I also left 8am and was back after lunch and I don’t ever remember stopping.
  • I wanted to do this on my black bike with the 100cc engine but its rear tire had minute cracks. These were cheap locally made Leo brand tires. I remember just saying to the store where I bought them I wanted the biggest sizes possible. They didn’t even ask if I preferred a better brand they just put those on and since I didn’t know any better I just let them. I regret buying that now.

I really like Leslie now. She rides like a new bike. A very stock and therefore very slow bike, but a nice one anyway. It is however too slow. There were many times I had to swerve to the right side of the road to let faster vehicles pass as I was holding them up. I think my fastest was 70kph but that was really stretching it and it didn’t feel comfortable at that speed.

I AM considering a bigger bike now but I have to finish with my S90 first and I probably have to sacrifice the black one as well. I just can’t allow myself to have more bikes than I have time to use it just feels so wasteful. I’ll finish the S90 first then I’ll figure out what to do. That might take a year or longer but I’m in no hurry.

So there you go. I had a nice non eventful ride taking in the beautiful countryside. My next ride is to Kaybiang Tunnel Cavite which is an easier 60km ride. I should be there and back by the early afternoon. I’ll get Pirellis for the black bike before I do that, probably by next month or after that.

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