About Me

Hello there, and thanks for making your way to my blog.

My name is Gabriel H. Mercado, aka Gary. I am a Writer, Internet Consultant, Applications Developer and the owner of the Exchange.ph domain and concurrent websites.

The Exchange.ph Websites

To date, the Exchange websites consist of the following:
Kikay Exchange – a women’s fashion online magazine.
Mom Exchange – an online magazine about parenthood in general, and motherhood in particular.
Basketball Exchange – an online magazine about basketball in the International and Philippine scene.
PhilippineCarMarket.com – An Auto Classifieds Site.

My Writing Stints

I used to write for several publications, amongst them:

SME Insight – Interviewing Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Business Owners and writing about SME enterprises.
The Philippine Daily Inquirer – Lifestyle section, mostly about technology and gadgets.
Speed Magazine – Mostly about gadgets and future tech.

I used to write for the ff.:
PC World Philippine edition – About technology and hardware.
PC Magazine – Again about computers and technology.
PWIT (Philippine Week in Tech) – A tech blog, writing alongside friends and fellow writers / editors in Philippine tech publications.

My Web Projects


I am a PHP / MySQL developer. I enjoy tweaking CMS applications, primarily WordPress and Drupal, as well as PhpBB forums and whatnot.

Cars, Basketball, Movies, the Internet, Writing..

I love to tinker with cars and particularly enjoy older ‘attainable’ models like late model Toyotas, Mitsubishis or VWs (as oppposed to those kept in museums). I would like to learn body repair and / or engine repair at some point in my life, to hopefully restore something of value soon. I enjoy taking snapshots of old, semi – rustbuckets lying around town in the hope, I think, of one day being able to purchase and restore them in my garage.

I am a Knicks fan, and dream of one day being able to watch those suckers win something of value at Madison Square Garden, or at least just watch any regular season game live. I have been lucky enough to have interviewed Tracy McGrady once where we just blabbed away for 30 minutes, but was too shy to get my picture taken alongside Samboy Lim for some odd reason. I hope to still enjoy playing ball until my knees give out, which is anytime now.

I would almost like nothing more than to live my life reviewing movies, and hence become an authority on these, and know nothing else in life but. Movies, if done well, are a wonderful opportunity to live a life outside your own, and to experience things you’d never have had a chance to otherwise. I enjoy almost all types of movies of any variety, as long as they deliver as promised, ie, a comedy will make you laugh, a horror flick will make you cringe, a drama will make you cry, and so on. It bewilders me how these lose track of such a basic thing.

The Internet holds the key to bridging gaps between cultures separated by either geography or, in many cases, reason. In the Philippines, the Internet will serve as a means to unify long separated class gaps in our society. My Exchange.ph websites for example, will target not the tech – savvy, but ordinary folk. This way, the promise of the ‘net is best served.

On writing, I have no aspirations of writing a book, or authoring anything longer than, say, fifteen thousand words. I am very busy trying to pursue my dream of making my Exchange.ph websites work, and hence will need to push such goals aside. I will always enjoy writing however, and I imagine I’ll be doing this till the end of my days, maybe using this blog.

What’s Lefthandedlayup.com all about?

Lefthandedlayup was brought about by my need to set up my own blog outside of the Exchange.ph domain. My previous site was http://pisces-iscariot.exchange.ph, which was growing in size and had to be separated from the rest of the domain to conserve its server resources. This is also my 5th or so blog, which I hope to be my last one as well.

Obviously I love basketball, and I named it such because a lefthandedlayup as any right handed player (such as I) will tell you is one of the most difficult shots to do. As such, one usually finds the need to layup with the left only when one is pressed to, since if you’re right handed you’ll almost always want to use your strong hand.

I’ve always felt therefore, that a lefthandedlayup represents how we should treat most of what life throws at us. Pressed to deliver, we surprise the defense, aka in my example – life’s problems, by unexpectedly laying up with the left.

Yes that’s cheesy as heck, but hey it works for me so far. Thanks for coming over to my blog. Stay awhile, and come back from time to time. And drop a note why don’t you.

Updated May 8, 2011