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Speed Magazine

MAY 2006 – Upcoming phones
Cellphones to watch out for cover story featuring Nokia N80, Samsung SGH-Z710, BenQ-Siemens EF91, etc.

APRIL 2006 – A Tremor In The Force
Review of EAGames Empire At War

FEB 2006 – Form Factors – Camcorders
Write up on camcorders with special form factors.

DEC 2006 – Acer Aspire 5512 WLMI Review

DEC 2006 – Convergence and Connectivity
Re convergence in devices, innovations in connectivity, etc.

OCT 2005 – Old School To New
Transferring your Analog records and tapes to Digital format

AUG 2005 – What In The World Is A Google?
Rise of Google, Inc.

AUG 2005 – Supercomputers
Article re supercomputers.

APRIL 2005 – Kids in a candy store –’s
Review of

APRIL 2004 – NBA Live 2004
Review of EA Sports NBA Live 2004

MAY 2004 – Marvelous websites
Websites of Marvel Superheroes, for the Spiderman Issue

MAY 2004 – Internet Games
Notable free web based java games.

MAY 2004 – Need for Speed Underground
Review of Need for Speed Underground.

JULY 2004 – G-Mail vs Hotmail vs Yahoo
Free webmail face off.

MAY-JUNE 2003 – Outlook Express meets Eudora
Famous email client face off.

JULY-AUGUST 2003 – Panasonic GD88: Not for the Neurotic
Review of Panasonic GD88.

JULY-AUGUST 2003 – Sagem My X-6
Review of Sagem My X-6

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2003 – PC Express X-Station 2
Review of PC Express’ gaming PC.

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2003 – Kazaa vs. iMesh
Peer to peer software face off.

PCWorld Philippines

MAR 2002 – ICQ 2001b: The Little IM That Can – Review of ICQ2001b for the March 2002 Issue. 1st of a series of Instant Messenger Reviews.

APR 2002 – Should You Yahoo? – Review of Yahoo Messenger for the April 2002 Issue. 2nd of a series of Instant Messenger Reviews.

MAY 2002 – What’s In AIM? – Review of AOL Instant Messenger for the May 2002 Issue. 3rd of a series of Instant Messenger Reviews.

JUN 2002 – MSN Messenger: The strong, silent IM – Review of MSN Messenger IM for the June 2002 Issue. 4th of a series of Instant Messenger Reviews.

JULY 2002 – Go, go Odigo! – Review of Odigo IM for the July 2002 Issue. 5th of a series of Instant Messenger Reviews.

AUG 2002 – Terrific Trillian – Review of Trillian IM for the August 2002 Issue. 6th of a series of Instant Messenger Reviews.

SEP 2002 – Catching up with Chikka – Review of The Chikka IM for the September 2002 Issue. 7th and last of a series of Instant Messenger Reviews.

OCT 2002 – Another classic in the making: The Sony Clié NR 70V – Review of the Sony Clié NR70V for the October 2002 Issue.

JAN 2003 – The Art Of Buying And Selling Pre-Owned PCs – How To Buy And Sell Pre-Owned PCs.

FEB 2003 – Sony VPL Projector – Review of the Sony VPL CX5 Projector for the February 2003 Issue.

FEB 2003 – Migs Paraz Profile – Writeup on Migs Paraz contribution ot Philippine internet.

JUN 2003 – Pinoy Techie Yahoogroups – Popular Philippine Yahoogroups.

FEB 2004 – The DIY Guide for Net Cafe Owners – Quick Do It Yourself Guide for Internet Cafe Owners February 2004 Issue.

PCMagazine Philippines

MAY 2006 – Secure Email With Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)

JAN 2006 – Centrino
– What’s It All About

FEB 2006 – A Guide To SATA

MAR 2006 – Scanning Tips

APR 2006 – Network Security
– A rundown of technologies that make network communications secure.

MAY 2006 – Notebook Shootout
– Review of Acer Travelmate 3242 WXMi, Amoi Blue M626, NEC Versa M350 1704DW, Asus A3A, Asus A6R

MAR 2006 – Review Of The Fujitsu S6240 Laptop

AUG 2005 – MP3 Bits and Pieces
– Brief rundown explaining MP3 technology.

AUG 2005 – iTunes vs. Napster


MAR 2006 – 3G. What is it, and why should you care?
– Primer on 3G.

AUG 2005 – Java: A Primer

SEP 2005 – Fujitsu P7010 Review – Review of Fujitsu P7010 notebook.

SEP 2005 – Why Linux? – A Primer

Philippine Daily Inquirer 2bu Lifestyle

JAN 10 2007 – Viva Vista! – A few things to know about Windows Vista. Orig draft here.

JAN 3 2007 – Future tense – What’s in store for 2007 techwise. Orig draft here.

DEC 26 2006 – Talkin’ tech – The Year that was in Technology, 2006. Orig draft here.

DEC 5 2006 – Gift of tech – All available iPods and Belkin Accessories.

JULY 2006 – Tuned for Tunes – Review of the Nokia N91.

JUN 2006 – The lowdown on gadgets – Article that was supposed to be “Gadget buying tips”, but became a sort of opinion piece. You can read the original here.

MAY 2006 – “Feeling at home–and connected”, originally titled “Reboot, Restart and Upgrade Your Home”
Article re ‘Smart Home’, a MS WinXP powered mock up home at Software Innovations event at Shangrila, Makati May, 2006.

MAR 2006 – Baby’s First Steps in Wide Screen and Surround Sound With The DCR-DVD805
Review of Sony DVD805 Camcorder.

MAR 2006 – My Sony Ericsson W550i Don’t Lie
Review of Sony Walkman W550i

FEB 2006 – The Sony DSC-R1. Four Reasons Why.
Review of Sony DSC-R1.

FEB 2006 – Meet your new phone
Write up of new Nokia 6 series Malaysian Launch.

JAN 2006 – Digital Exchange Is The Place To Be for HP Printers
Review of a Hewlett Packard PSC 1510 Deskjet

DEC 2005 – Have yourself a merry Nano Christmas
Review of iPod 2gb. Nano.

DEC 2005 – Canon Pixma iP3000 Saves Christmas
Review of Pixma iP3000.

DEC 2005 – A Party Companion In The C-480
Review of Olympus C-480.

DEC 2005 – A Hedgehog’s Phone
Review of Panasonic EB-VS3 Cellphone.

DEC 2005 – Bring on the bling
Review of Motorola ROKR.

DEC 2005 – Frosty cool
Review of Motorola E680i.

DEC 2005 – ‘Game na!’
Fearless Tech Forecast for 2006.

NOV 2005 – Meet Mr. Snap Happy
Review of Fujistu F-810 Digital Camera.

OCT 2005 – Digital Exchange At Glorietta 3
Digital Exchange writeup.

OCT 2005 – Samsung SGH-E730 Review

SEP 2005 – New tech delights
Samsung Roadshow.

SEP 2005 – New printing marvels
Samsung Printer Launch.

2004 – Technology forecasts for 2004
2004 Tech forecasts.

2004 – Driving Ms Kyla
Interview of Kyla, while driving the Chevy Aveo.

2004 – The virtual world becomes real this year
Another tech forecast.

2004 – A high-tech wonder
Review of Palm Tungsten T3.

2002 – Where you can surf for competitive jobs
Review of

2002 – Divers help to keep Bonito worthy of its name
PR job.

2002 – Send in Sendo
Review of Sendo.

2002 – Looking for love on the Internet
Dating sites review.

2002 – Chatting isn’t the devil’s handiwork
Experiences while chatting.

2002 – Gift ideas for your kind of guy
Gift ideas for Valentines.

2002 – Musings about my love for the game
Was supposed to be a Youngblood submission, became an article.

2002 – Taking note of notebooks
Review of IBM X22.

2002 – Mummies make for interactive horrific fun
Visit to a mummy show.

2002 – New worlds and vistas await techies in 20022002 Tech forecast.

2001 – So what’s happening on the Net this Christmas?
2001 Christmas – tech Article.