goodbye life. goodbye work. hello grand theft auto.

haaaaaay. title says everything. Un-believ-able game. Sordid details to come in the following weeks. Likely will add details of what happens when a game takes you away from pending obligations from work, friends and others as well :). I’m already feeling the effects of how it is to neglect your body by playing instead of getting much needed sleep – cooperative weather notwithstanding. Suffice it to say 4 day download of the 3.9gb install files well worth it.

One thing though:

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bye bye little one

Just finished playing around with the Fujitsu P7010 I was leant for review for a week and a half as I mentioned in my last post. I was determined to get everything back to the default spec like when I got it, so I reformatted and reinstalled everything using the recovery CD it came with. Let’s see, I took a screenshot of the desktop meaning to show the Intel Wifi bubble showing that I was connected, and it says 6:30AM.

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i am looking for a computer technician

please pass to anyone applicable (or if you want to make a little extra):

i am looking for a computer technician proficient in:

– cabling
– setup of wifi and cabled networks
– reformatting/reinstallation of windows PCs
– basic to advanced PC repair

prefer part-timers, students, those currently employed and
freelancers, residing in qc, pasig, makati or mandaluyong, to service
clients in those areas.

contact me 09214588689. thanks!

i know what im doing. i think.5062005.txt

the lawyers at one of my clients is offering me his ancient laptop for quite a reasonable amount and at 3 gives (is ‘gives’ exclusively Pinoy? in case there are any foreigners wandering about, its aka ‘installments’). At any rate, specs:

ibm thinkpad 600e, Pentium III 363mhz, 6gb HD, 128mb RAM, cdrom, pcmcia, earphone/mic, modem, 1 usb, 1 parallel, 1 serial, 1 ps2

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