i am so proud of my sis

oh no wait, lemme say it like Ballmer would:

I am so f__king proud of my sister Wickie! :D for her excellent article that came out at Manila Standard today:

much like she can’t believe it whenever I produce any of my own stuff, forever relegated to just a ‘little brother’ as I am, from my point of view it seems incomprehensible that my big sis can produce something of value as well (other than my beloved nephews of course) hehe.

at any rate, download the PDF here!! (‘right-click > save as’ to download the 244kb. file otherwise if you left-click it will open your pdf reader). where she quite deftly displays the ability to string words together in a coherent fashion! terrific!

honestly Ik, it’s wonderful :). You are the Philippine’s William Safire.

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