Where art thou (web-based) Opposition?

I thought of an idea that might help concerned bloggers unite. I wanted to do an affiliate system where bloggers can install on their website a small graphic, maybe something as simple as this:

I’ll offer it two ways, either with unique code that’ll distinguish one click from another, or just plain old code with an ahref link. Which leads me to my problem – where do I link it to?

In a nutshell, I think that sort of sums up how the opposition is doing these days – virtually nonexistent. Gloria imho is about as unpopular as erap ever was at the time he was kicked out. The people are clamoring for change, and it’s the Opposition’s job really, to provide us an alternative.

But what are they doing? Where are they? I caught Chiz Escudero making pretty speeches, admittedly he’s pretty good at that, one of the best in recent years, at Bro. Eddie’s Jesus Is Lord movement at Rizal Park. Then there’re the big rallies staged all over, not to mention the dousing at Mendiola.

But really, that’s not enough. The opposition has to make a stand, choose someone to back up, and I almost guarantee that people will back that person whoever he is. Guingona at this very moment seems like a good deal, although I think he has health issues. Even Jamby Madrigal who managed to get a Senate seat from sheer persistence and (what seems like) very deep pockets, suddenly looks good in my view, inspite of the fact that she botched up a chance to be even prettier last night when Ted Faylon at ABS was giving her a chance to speak. Instead of giving a good account of herself and maybe milk the opportunity for all its worth, she went the hysterical – “Our rights have been trampled upon!! I will bring this to the attention of the United Nations!!” route, which in my opinion is about as stupid and botched up a response as they come. I mean, really. Martial law techniques are virtually in effect, a nation is in turmoil, and the first thing you are worried about are your bruises. Jeez.

Anyway (arrg trying to forget that for awhile).. even my little affiliate system, by itself, isn’t all that much, but it’s a start at least, and a way for Pinoy bloggers to show their colors and allegiance.

But where to link it? Anyone who reads this and has an opinion, please let me know what you think.

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