Google Bombing Knocks Arroyo Out Of Office! – not

So the Young Radicals blog managed to get Google to display Arroyo’s website whenever someone enters the keywords “pekeng pangulo”. Whoopee.

Of course, that would be terrific if people would enter the term “pekeng pangulo” now wouldn’t it?

Come on guys. Please. Let’s go for “liar”, “cheat”, “impostor”, “defrauder” maybe. But “pekeng pangulo”? Surely, surely you can do better than that.

This just saddens me really. PGMA in all her arrogance is still in power, and while she was in real deep trouble for a moment, in the end it’s obvious that the opposition has failed.

And the only thing new is a Google bombing, ranking the PGMA website as the first found when searching for a no doubt popular phrase: “pekeng pangulo”. Sheesh.

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