I got one! (Plus hello again after a blogging hiatus)

gloria arrovo billsFirst of all, hey I got one of those Arrovo bills everyone’s been talking about.

Now would you look at that.

gloria arrovo bills

There’s a lot of stuff one can say about this. Naturally there’s the mind-boggling administrative idiocy necessary to cause such a snafu. Then there’s the conspiracy ‘siguro sadya’ train of thought, taking note of the Spanish meaning of the word and most folk’s opinion of her.

There’s also the fact that there’s only P100,000.00 worth of these flying around, so I’m holding on to this one. Apparently it’s already ebay worthy.

But I’d rather stick to my favorite one, and that is: up yours. Up.Yours.GMA. You deserve this, and if it was a conspiracy then a big bravo! to whoever thought of it.

Secondly, not that anyone noticed probably, but I’ve not blogged for a week for all sorts of reasons, primarily because I got seriously dehydrated from amoebiasis, with the accompanying dizzy spells and nausea that just so does not bring a holiday cheer.

Compounding to this was the fact that not one, but two servers at my client broke down, the mailserver and ironically enough, the Norton anti-virus server. I’ve got printing, emailing and spam problems up the wazoo, and I had to do this with writing deadlines and other clients breathing down my neck.

No doubt I would never have done as much without the help of the chief of chiefs though, so to him I owe, and owe big big big.

Anyway, will blog soon about last week’s article, plus make a more thorough review of the subject of tomorrow’s article. Also my experience installing Spamassassin, Amavis, and a Squirrel, hopefully without issue.

2 thoughts on “I got one! (Plus hello again after a blogging hiatus)

  1. Gary, because of this post (that i read only now), I checked my wallet, and guess what?

    I got one, too. haha.

    talaga, you lost yours? tsk tsk..

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