America’s Army Download. In Progress.

americas armyAfter a very very stressfull whole of last week, I had pretty much decided to just stay in and zzz the day away, but my gaming finger got itchy, and I was getting bored with NBALive 2k6.

I turned to Google for whatever downloadable game out there, and after scratching Need For Speed (3.5gb., too big), and others, I came across America’s Army, available quite conveniently as one big FREE 903mb exe file. After some searching for torrents and several failed attempts to download I managed to miraculously find a working one, here:

americas army

There are Mac and Linux versions too, even a server and client one, available here.

Truth is, up to right now I had never heard of it, and initially didn’t take seriously the fact that it’s a real recruitment tool used by the U.S. Army.

Well, obviously their efforts are laid to waste on non-American me, but to express my gratitude, I will use (and according to favorable reviews) probably enjoy their game regardless.

Thing is it’ll take a few hours:

americas army

I guess I’ll go find something to do until it downloa.. ZZZZzzz(ngork)zz..

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