Microsoft system engineers work for the Borg!

microsoft system engineers work for the borgViruses can do some strange and wonderful things. Of these the windows metafile situation is by far the most amazing. Consider for instance, that you are viewing a webpage with your favorite internet browser on your favorite operating system. You reach a website with an embedded .wmf file, and voila!

Firewalls, updated Service Packs, anti-virus software upgrades are all in vain. Core system files are changed, security is breached, and your computer is taken over just like that! Isn’t trusting Microsoft for the future of technology so compelling? Certain sectors in the industry are starting to believe that Microsoft put this code in there intentionally, saying such:

The recent security problem regarding the rendering of Windows Meta File images was so bizarre that it has to be an intentional backdoor in the operating system, Steve Gibson said in a podcast posted Thursday.

He said he can find no other explanation for the existence of the WMF rendering problem, and no reason for the ability in Windows to use such image files to execute computer code.

“This was not a mistake. This is not buggy code. This was put into Windows by someone,” Gibson said on the Security Now podcast.

Now I don’t know much about writing code to make a simple video file executable, and even less about why I’d want to make that video file an executable to begin with, but I do know BORG activity when I see one.

Damn that Captain Picard! If he had just left them Borg alone in deep space like he should have then we wouldn’t have this problem! Those smart buggers undoubtedly chose Redmond as their first point of attack! AAAAiiiiIIIEEEEEEIIIIiiEE!


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  1. though they’ve been caught doing sneaky things before, i think they’re innocent this time.

    wmf was invented when PCs weren’t as fast as they were now. the file format had certain features built-in (like stop rendering when it is taking too long, etc) as a way of preventing hangs. this was what was exploited, i think.

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