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february blogshortsWith time to spare hanging Festival Mall one time I happened onto a P100.00 November issue of PCMag US and I’ve been enjoying it since. I severely miss reading these mags – one of the reasons why I started writing for tech mags.

Dvorak was explaining HD DVDs and the format wars, and I thought, heck that’s what it was all about. At any given time, techies become experts at something. It can be anything: The Difference between Outlook and Outlook Express, How to kill the Boss in Super Mario, Securing an Office Network via Iptables, Crimping A Network Cable, whatever.

The point is, at one time or another either during the course of our work, play or your hobby, you become pretty good at doing something, or at least authoritative enough for others to benefit from your knowledge. Add a healthy dose of the need to share, some time, patience and writing skill, and voila a HOWTO is born.


Dvorak also featured the Slingbox, which in my opinion, is completely wasting its time marketing to the Americans. The real market for these are OFWs for us Pinoys, and migrants of any nationality who miss home, and want to keep up with stuff (or in jhologs parlance: stuffs) going on there.


India, Korea and China have strong migrant populations worldwide and I’m sure they’d be just as interested. How it works according to them:

Slingbox placeshifts the television signal from your source device to your PC located at home or 3,000 miles away via the Internet. Thanks to the Slingbox, you can enjoy your home TV programming wherever you are the office, a hotel room, your garden, even the bathroom anywhere there is an Internet connection. You truly can watch and control your television anytime, anywhere the power is in your hands.

diana zubiriAside from the fact that anything that uses the word “placeshifts” gets my vote, anything that can enrich the internet with shows like The Diana Zubiri Cleavage Show Encantadia and the The Joey De Leon Insulting Contestants For Fun Show Eat Bulaga is appealing. I think.

Oh, and just to be fair, it can also broadcast Kris Aquino. enough said. show, Game KNB.

The licensing issues are going to be a killer, but since when have those stopped anyone when there’s money to be made? At any rate, unless the Tv networks think of something quick, the Slingbox will do to the television industry what mp3s and bittorrents did for the recording and movie industry, which is f*ck them up.


I think the dreaded PLDT DSL DNS issue is upon us once again. It happened a year or so ago when I was still in Mandaluyong. What happens is websites you know to be available suddenly disappear when you try to refresh, causing a lot of “It was just ok a moment ago!” moments.

There’s a thread at the PLUG list discussing the use of multiple DSL connections on one machine and with prices going down to realistic levels recently, that’s a great idea, especially for SOHOs and smaller offices.


Oh and btw, why is it we complain to hell when PLDT DSL was expensive, and no one hardly says anything when it’s now P999.00? It’s like dealing with a teenager with entitlement issues, imo.

Which basically sums up how I sometimes feel about the ‘blogosphere’ or ‘blogging community’ really. A lot of folks seem to enjoy insulting, finding fault and just generally disagreeing with each other. My favorite ones are those that like to insult the press, which imo is akin to a little brother screaming at the older sibling.

When is the younger going to realize that the true recognition it so craves lies in its ability to give due respect? When it grows up I guess.


Ahh, nothing like a Saturday like today, with only one deadline left and (most of) my mountain of work packed up and sent to the respective impatient editor or client, giving them no other reason to do anything else but – pay me (cue beautiful sweet music). Will spend this day hanging out at malls, and if my companion has her way, possibly assualting any homophobic tendencies I insist I do not have. Then the day after playing ball with ma homies.

Excellent stressless weekend ahead. Big big sigh of relief. Whew.

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