Brothers of the Ball Unite! Write For BBall Exchange!

Brothers of the Ball UniteBasketball’s all about love, and since I’m a world-class lover, I hasten onto this Earth once again The Basketball Exchange Philippines, to which all sorts of orange ball lovin’ will reside.

Seriously, I’ve been dilatory in my duties as administrator and chief poster, so I’m making up for lost time, especially since the NBA Playoffs are way into the midst of their proceedings.

So First off, I’M LOOKING FOR MORE WRITERS. If you’re like me, and you do imaginary lay-ups walking down the street, then you probably should seek professional help. However, if you can write about it as well, then GODDAMIT, VOLUNTEER NOW. Email at ghmercado at gmail dot com posthaste.

Secondly, I got myself a fancy new layout, settling on the 3 column Relaxation based WordPress Theme after my initial 3 column preference called Tricolumn bombed. As it happens, 3 column Relaxation turned out to be Pinoytechblog’s base as well. It’s kinda ugly at the moment, and I hate the colors, but I’ll get back to it soon enough.

Thirdly I got Feedburner to work and put two Google ads, one at the rightmost column and the other to show up during comments. Was working on a nice 468_15 text only setup for the header portion but it skewed things up so I’ll leave it at that for the moment.

Finally, welcome Wilfred Gabriel of as my first victim writer, and freshly grad Phillip Kimpo Jr. of Crimson Crux as my second. Well at least he’s indicated he’s interested, as he’s yet to make a post yet.

So that’s it. Get your game on, ball up, pass the rock, let’s get the ball rollin’ and all that crap.

Okay?! Okay. Now back to work :P.

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