RIP Soozyhopper

RIP SoozyhopperI’ve no idea who she/he is, what she/he does, where (I’ll just choose she) she gets here info, and who those people are she talks about.

The only thing I know is that the day Soozyhopper died, is a sad day in Philippine Blogging history.


Plain and simple, Soozy spoke the truth, or at least the truth as she saw it.

So the truth is, I hardly read it, for two reasons: 1. I cannot connect with the subject at hand – the creme de la creme of Manila’s high society, and I’d be lying if I knew even one of them. Sure there may have been a classmate or two, and a name might ring a bell, but hell would I (or they) cared should we meet each other on the street today (provided they’d even walk the street). and 2., I honestly don’t like the habit of one’s dirt laundered on public as it were, and I really couldn’t care less if a person was ‘being taken down a notch’ or two, as another blogger put it.

In the few (thank God) rare moments I had encountered the social climbing type, I tend to take a step back and turn away, attune with the fact that the universe tends to have a fair way of dealing with such types. In fact for the most part, if you look beyond the annoyance, you’d fairly see them for the sad people they really are, and thank your lucky stars you aren’t rich or important enough to be in the kind of situation that might make you become such.

So again, why would I bewail the death of a blog that I hardly read, and don’t even admire? Well again I say, it’s because she spoke honestly about the world as she saw it.

I couldn’t care less that she spoke of Manila’s elite. She could speak about Manila’s Accounting Industry or the Makati Underwriter’s Association or the Philippine Plumbing Society as far as I was concerned. The important thing was that she was brave enough to speak. In the brief moment she was there, imo local blogging gained more credence and acceptance than any since.

Here’s what’s left of it.

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