Performancing For Firefox Rocks. Hard.

As Im running Movie and Basketball now, posts here have become few and far between.

That’s not to say of course, that not much has happened. On the contrary, tons and tons have, and so I must find time to blog, if only because blogs among other things are a great way of personally keeping track of stuff going on in our lives. And since, judging from the site metrics, people haven’t really been beating a path to read it, I assume the aforementioned purpose makes more sense at this point.

At any rate, am posting this using Performancing’s Firefox Plugin, a 200kb download and quick install which I’ve started to use so as to be able to make sense of handling several blogs by using one interface. Am holding back comments obviously, until I’ve used it more often, or circumstances will cause me to look for others. Hence the title, seemingly designed to praise it, is admittedly misleading. I just named it that way because I want to look cool.

It occurred to me, whilst choosing which Blog Editor to use when I decided to look for one via WordPress’ Codex, that that very moment, when choosing between Blogdesk, BlogJet, Blog Writer, Ecto, JBlogEditor and all sorts of other desktop based blog clients that the only difference between choosing Performancing and the others was that I had heard about it from Migs, and that’s all. I’ve no idea if I’m missing out on any other, or whichever.

Hence, should a reader have an opposing, similar or any opinion at all re Performancing for Firefox’s performance, or if there are any other Blog Editors out there worth mentioning, I am all ears.

I have also decided to forego the little images I put at the top, basically because I’ve realized that these things actually hold me back from blogging quickly, as I’ve to take time making them. And I realized that anything that prevents / slows you down from writing ain’t good.

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