Content Providers shouldn’t be surprised

From this article:

“Content providers have opposed the (creation of a) not-to-text registry, saying that it was invasion of privacy. They said that our [pending guidelines] are sufficient. But the NTC thinks there is a need to do this. The present way of doing things are insufficient. The content providers will be submitting their position paper by Monday but we intend to have the registry up by next week,” Sarmiento told

It has to do with how the NTC has decided to put up a registry for people who do not want to receive spam-text to sign up to.

You have to wonder how the Content Providers decided to get into the business they’re in when they started. Sure things looked good a few years ago when there wasn’t any regulation, and text spam was considered a minor nuisance, but betting your business on providing a service whose way of announcing itself is via spamming – something that no one in his right mind really wants seems difficult to justify.

I mean really, who likes receiving unsolicited information? Even more so, who wants to pay for it? I’m fairly sure even the people behind the content providers themselves wouldn’t, so if you’re a businessman, why would you do that, let alone invest your business into it? I’m sure every single content provider thought that they themselves wouldn’t abuse it, hoping not to draw too much attention to themselves to cause bad press. But the sheer number of them, and the fact that it only takes just one wreaking havoc and destroying the reputation of the whole, makes for a shaky business plan right there.

This is just me, but it’d probably be a good idea for the providers to make their own ‘opt-in’ registry, listing down the information in one area where people who want to receive it can look and decide for themselves if they want it. I’m not completely convinced that people don’t want to pay for information received via their phones. I myself subscribe to movie news, which I get every week, and I wouldn’t mind subscribing to anything else I might find worthwhile.

What I am sure of is nobody wants to pay for stuff they didn’t ask for. Incidentally, I’m almost sure that it’s illegal to make someone pay for it too, but that’s for another story.

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