end make d parflays dance sylvimousse is barkley, so keys me..

Now that her infamous video is making the blogging rounds all over, the question is will Alyssa Alano’s career get a boost from the internet?

Think about it. Before I saw it last week, I had never heard of her, and even ABS-CBN’s “WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE (viva) HOT BABES??” poll gives her a 0 rating.

But after her ‘Awesome!’ GMA performance captured on Youtube, that can all change, and she didn’t even need to take her clothes off. I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learned for movie promoters here, although what I’m not entirely sure. The point is, she’s getting famous, albeit not as planned, but famous still, which I think for most Viva hot babes is good enough.

Anyway, her own page on the internet is here.

And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

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13 thoughts on “end make d parflays dance sylvimousse is barkley, so keys me..

  1. babe it’s not GMA supershow. that’s kuya germs’ noontime show, this was on his midnight show. don’t remember what it’s called, but they keep on saying “walang tulugan!” all throughout.

    and that shalala character is there doing the voice overs

  2. ei pde bang madownload yang video? para di ganun katagal magload if nadownload na thanks!

  3. wahahaha. kapapanood ko lang nito sa news. at talagang kinailangan kong makahanap ng copy nito. gaguhan talaga. di bale, career boost din sa kanya yan. (uhm, may career na ba to begin with?)

  4. ang ganda ganda naman ng kiss me…ang SINGER NONE THE RICHER ba talaga ang original na nagkanta ng KISS ME?

    sige kahit di nyo na sagutin!

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