I want one

Imagine this. You’re McGyver, and ninjas have you cornered in an office. So you pull out your Swiss knife, and fashion a giant slingshot out of the carpet and the leather from the office chairs. You then use the office cleaning detergents to make an explosive chemical to blast them away, and finally, you boot a computer out of an image you burned into your 1gb. USB drive to set it up with your OS and fave applications so you can blog about it as well!!


Ok I suppose uses are less dramatic than that. Likely you’re just gonna show it off to friends and folks. At any rate, I’m not entirely sure how exactly high tech the Swiss Army is to need USB drives on their utility knives, but heck I want one.

Official site is here, hi res pics are here, and here.

update june 30, 2006: Found them at a store selling Victorinox products. The 256mb. model costs P5,000+, while the 1gb. model is somewhere around P15,000+. Egad.

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