Disparate crossed out howto lists, misc. tech ramblings, and the cool weather.

Been really busy this past weekend doing any of the ff.:

  1. update all blogs (movie, basketball, Portia, aklatangpambata, upwinlaw, and this site to WordPress 2.0.3).
  2. updated Pinoywritersonline to Drupal 4.7.2 (from whatever ancient version it was)
  3. updated my photo gallery to Coppermine 1.4.8, again from whatever ancient version previous.
  4. uploaded the excellent Aklatangpambata pics to my photo gallery and to Flickr (ill explain later), thanks very much to Mr. Chris Lagman, btw.
  5. uploaded a whole boatload of gadget pics as well, and I’ll be adding a few more as soon as I dig them up off my PC.
  6. Found a way to display these pics from my Coppermine photo gallery onto the site, as shown below
  7. .

  8. still trying to find a way to display the Aklatangpambata pics onto the Aklatangpambata.org website. Problem is, the coppermineSC plugin requires it connect to the localhost db, and I haven’t managed to make it connect across different hosts (it’s hosted elsewhere). I’ve tried mysql.myhost.ph, myhost.ph:mysql, mysql:myhost.ph, and even my IP address, but no go. I’ve sent an email to mobilehive.com, my host, asking how that’s done. In the meantime, will have to do with Flickr, which is great of course, but I like hosting my own stuff.
  9. wrote a review of Take The Lead on Movie Exchange.
  10. wrote a review on Possession: A Romance, by A.S. Byatt, the book I just finished reading. Will write another review of American Gods by Neil Gaiman, the book I read before that.
  11. Activated Akismet across most of my blogs except this one (which already uses bot-check), and so far I’m starting to not like it, primarily because I have to ‘train’ it to tell which is spam and which isn’t. I’ve to admit performancing for firefox has spoiled me, I hardly logon to any of my blog’s admin page anymore because of how easy it is to use firefox blogging interface, but akismet requires that I login from time to time, and me no like that. Bot-Check has proven to be (so far) 100% effective after almost a year in use, which means if I get a comment alert, i’m 100% sure it isn’t spam. I may revert to that instead.
  12. installed a book review module on the Pinoywritersonline.com drupal site. Planning to add a job search module soon, except it requires a lot of modifications of critical files so I’m somewhat dubious. Aileen (website owner and chief pinoywriters ygroups queen) and I are excited about Pinoywritersonline so there’ll be a lot of new stuff there soon.
  13. tried to install batch categories plugin, which promises to help improve messed up categories – a BIG frustration of mine with this blog. I want to fix up my categories for better classifications. I’ve got stupid categories like ‘tech’ which are way too off-tangent to mean anything. Plugin didn’t work though, and I think the girl who first did it isn’t interested anymore from the lack of replies to her comments all asking for a WP 2.0 version. MUST find something equivalent.


what can I say I work better when the weather’s cool. Also, I’ve gotten sick, so I’m stuck at home for the meantime (not sick enough not to work though). Need to call my editors and ask for writing assignments while I’m hot.

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