Songs that make you weep

I just uploaded my Strawberry Switchblade Video On Youtube, singing one of their most famous hits “Since Yesterday”. Strawberry Switchblade is a UK two-girl band that started in the early 80’s, and whose songs reverberated all the way throughout high school and college in the 90’s.

I have two of their albums in vinyl (hopefully still ok in a box under the stairs), and hundreds of memories listening to them along with many other artists of that era with my friends.

I happened onto Joey’s blogpost this morning about, and immediately decided to upload it so I can share the video with them, along with my own Youtube find, the Beatle’s 1966 Rain video (which believe it or not I give a listen to at least once a day).

Anyway, here’s the video I just uploaded:

The lyrics are quite apt to whenever I attend one of our HS reunions. It goes:

And as we sit here alone
Looking for a reason to go on
It’s so clear that all we have now
Are our thoughts of yesterday

HS reunions are often forced, awkward meetings of people who have very little in common after having so much back in the past, and so I catch myself thinking these lines whenever we meet up.

Inspite of that, we all know we’ve played important parts in each other’s lives, and so we make an effort to meet, only to feel the same each time.

Anyway, I did a dir > prn of my hard disk mp3 directory and here’s a list of some of the 80s and 90s songs I have in it, just for kicks.

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