Attention: Flip Flop Freaks

This just in:

More than 31 percent of women said flip-flops were the single “must have” item for work this summer.

But many companies disagree.

“The dress code says no beach wear and flip-flops are considered beach wear,” said a spokeswoman for BNP Paribas.

Style gurus warn that flip-flops, which are worn mainly by younger women, could be harmful to a career.

“Shoes convey the mood of a woman. Wearing flip-flops conveys the mood that you are relaxed and on vacation. That’s not a good message in the office,” said Meghan Cleary, a style commentator who wrote the book “The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You.”

tsktsk. :>

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4 thoughts on “Attention: Flip Flop Freaks

  1. I think it depends on your workplace. Where I go to work, I do wear flip flops. I need to be comfortable when I write. Then again, we really don’t have a dress code…

    I happen to like sitting cross-legged on my chair when I write. It’s not easy when in sneakers :p

  2. oh yeah clair if you can get away with it that’d be great! I just wanted to tick off a few friends of mine with a (unhealthy imho) obsession for those things hehe.

  3. Hahaha. Yeah, there are people who buy lots of Havainas. (Or something. I don’t recall the brand per se.) I like sneakers myself but I don’t like it when it’s raining and water seeps in. Ewww. And of course it’s easier to put my feet up hehehe. As I said earlier, that is ;)

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