Dani California Vid and what little I know of Rock

Ex-boss Boss Ruby (who’ll forever be called ‘boss’ till the day I die) was kind enough to correct me on my Beatle’s “Rain” post, where I mentioned Paul McCartney was ‘years away’ from the ‘Eagles’ when it should’ve been ‘Wings’. Arrgh. Hey at least it was close.

So no sooner than this snafu was pointed out than when I checked out the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Dani California” video, where they parody several other rock bands, further testing my (by now, well established) weak rock knowledge.

So what the hey, let’s try naming them all:

First, the vid:

Then, here’re the bands I counted:

  1. elvis
  2. beatles
  3. prince (?)
  4. tom petty (?)
  5. freddie mercury (?)
  6. alice cooper
  7. kiss
  8. kurt cobain, so that’s nirvana

and Flea’s impersonating someone else I can’t figure out. Maybe from Motley Crue? And now to look for the official list..

(few mins. later..)

and here is the official Wikipedia page, with:

  1. elvis
  2. beatles
  3. jimi hendrix
  4. alice cooper
  5. sex pistols
  6. motley crue
  7. nirvana

Preeeety close i suppose. Although I couldve sworn that’s Kiss lead singer Gene Simmons when Keidis (?) sticks his tongue out, and I’m sure that’s Tom Petty (credit my having older sisters with rock tastes), in the tall hat. Incidentally, there’s an accusation of plagiarism going around between the song and one of Tom Petty’s.

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4 thoughts on “Dani California Vid and what little I know of Rock

  1. I’m pretty sure I also saw Mick Jagger (Stones) and Steve Tyler (Aerosmith). And ye, that could be Freddie Mercury (Queen) there. And the jumping guy could be either Pete Townshend or Eddie Van Halen (a lot of leads do that flying stunt). Interesting video.

  2. apparently there’s debate as to who’s who in that video, i havent seen an official list and it wouldnt be the first time wikipedia wasnt accurate.

    i even thought the jumping scene at the last was alanis with the black pants, and yeah even avril lavigne and fred durst does that, but the video ended that way so apparently they were playing themselves na(???)

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