I heart my w550i / w600i

I mentioned how much I liked my new phone in a previous post, and I’m happy to see Yahoo tech users think so too.

I’m the only one who made a review of it on the Yahoo tech page, and I thought the lack of comments meant people hated it, but apparently it was better known as the w600i. I wanna edit my review again to say that, but it seems I can’t.

a few notes:

  1. the only diff I think between the w600i and the w550i is that mine has GPRS, while theirs has EDGE. (like, big deal eh?).
  2. t3 mag doesn’t like it. Of all the tech mags, t3 is the most extreme, either praising to high heavens or trashing it in the dumpster, seldom in between. It’s the sensationalist route, which isn’t to say its good nor bad. It just works for them.
  3. The latest accessory I’ve bought for it is a p40.00 ‘necklace’, so it’s always with me while I work, commute or drive. A clear indication that a product works is how we want it attached to us 24/7, and I am the prototype success story.
  4. OT, I’ve stuck it to 107.9 ‘Underground Radio’, featuring techno / hiphop, my preferred work music, all day and night. I think its in test broadcast as it has no commercials yet. I even added ‘undergroundradio’ as a friend on my yahoo messenger. They were advertising it so I did for whatever that’s worth. Next time I see them online I’ll request for more Petey Pablo.

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3 thoughts on “I heart my w550i / w600i

  1. Nice post (I learned from your review) and thanks for using Yahoo! Tech. Regarding the ability to edit reviews, that’s something we like too. Keep an eye out for it.

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