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I recently got a visit from Y! tech, which was very nice and highly appreciated, since golly I’ve been reading Y! tech since, I think, inception.

At any rate, I went through Y! tech again today, and here are a few thoughts. These would’ve come out sooner or later anyway, but my head is all big and swollen from self-importance right now, so I’m inspired to write it. Kidding.

  1. It’s not really clear what Saved Tech Products is for, but im trying to use it for saving products ive reviewed for a newspaper. People usually adopt stuff like this for their own purposes, so I hope Yahoo doesn’t limit it to ‘stuff i wanna buy’ or ‘stuff i already own’, although those two categories would be nice to start with.
  2. 2nd, I was reading a very interesting article re Nicholas Negroponte on Y!tech when I had to leave (it was long). I wanted to go back to it but I couldnt find any archives and a search for it resulted in 0. Pity because I thought it was a good read.
  3. The ff. is one of the ideas I was gonna propose to a company I was applying to, but since I learned recently they passed on me (bitter Bitter BITTER), I might as well say it here: Give us stuff to put in our blogs, like rss code (or in Java like Feedburner does) that can display, say, the ‘stuff i wanna buy’ list. People like showing off (yes you do, admit it), and the link can make Y! tech the central repository for user-driven tech reviews imo.
  4. Flickr integration would be nice, as well as Ygroups integration, but again this is more or less related to ‘stuff to put in our blogs’. At the moment, I’ve had to jump hoops to get related rss feeds to display on movie exchange and basketball exchange, which use a feed parser plugin for wordpress.
  5. In return, since these clicks are traceable Y! can work with the manufacturer or store to make that person win that item or get discounts to get it, further inducing others to put that code on their blogs, and so on.

Information is King. RSS is the delivery boy. Integration into LJ, Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, etc., is the final step to seeing that transition across. THIS is what I would have implemented if I got that job I was applying for. YES I’m bitter and angry. I KNOW I’m embarassing myself my going on about that. I MUST stop talking to myself. :)

Great to see Y! paying attention!

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3 thoughts on “Welcome Yahoo Tech!

  1. Hey thanks Jeff. Will look forward to Y Tech changes.

    No sorry those arent the Negroponte links I was looking for. It was probably a feed from one of your partners, which was why it wasnt on your archives. It had several pages to it, and had to do with the writer’s opinions on an interview he had with him. Anyway I’ll give it another go.

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