“COMPOUND” Manila Premiere Final Schedule & Trailer

Thu Jul 6, 2006 10:48 pm (PST)
“COMPOUND” Manila Premiere Final Schedule & Trailer Strictly Adults Most provocative film! “COMPOUND” Manila Premiere Strictly for Adults


WHEN: 6pm July 18, 2006 (Tuesday) Dream Theater CCP 1230 1230 pm July 23,2006 (Sunday) Silangan Hall CCP

Ticket price at Php100
Compound Trailer: www.compoundthemovie.com.
Cast: John Arcilla, Jake Macapagal, Liza Dino, Perry Escano, Janet Russ, Lily Chu, Marq Dolentes and Bong Cabrera.

You are finally going to see the final version of COMPOUND,most provocative Filipino film in Manila. This is the first time you’ll see the movie with Bob Aves’ music!


Walls and big gates separate the world of affluent families in the Philippines from the rest of the community. Within some of the walls are houses occupied by a tight-knit family from the head of the house up to the domestic helpers. In one particular compound, a family opens its doors, exposing themselves and creating a widespread paranoia in the entire enclosure. As each family member breaks free, truth comes out in the most unexpected conclusion. The throbbing and compounding fear lies betrayal and guilt beyond the gates explodes at the end like fireworks.

Compound film is about paranoia that brews gradually the truth within the confines of the compound. The most provocative film about the cruel, sometimes heartless, games of men and women with one another in their search for love. With dialogue that makes you cringe in its snappy coldness and love scenes are very torrid and passionate. Compound is an outstanding material w/ terrific acting from the cast, visually eloquent cinematography. Two thumbs up, a must see!

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