MS Live and YM! hook up

I installed YM!8 the other day, and was wondering about this:

Finally read some news about it here.

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) – Yahoo and Microsoft released software that built a bridge between their previously exclusive online instant messaging (IM) systems.

The move fulfilled a promise the US Internet titans made late last year and marked the first time rival global messaging service providers arranged to co-mingle members.

Incidentally, I am a great believer in Microsoft Exchange, having studied for that exam several years ago. MS Exchange is terrific, and I thought that it gave Lotus Notes a run for its money. Open source equivalents are only starting to catch up these past year or two imo. While I’m not up to date anymore, MS Exchange was pretty rocking back then, and likely still is. Active Directory is also a compelling study, along with Linux equivalent directory services, LDAP.

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