Slow News Day?

There’s an article today re “UK firm says RP-based web design outfit ripped them off”:

In an e-mail correspondence, Paul Bowers, a representative of the UK-based firm behind, said a company called “wickedinnovations” was hired to do contract job to code and design the company’s website. A deadline to complete the job was set for eight weeks, Bowers said. The company decided to pay 900 dollars as initial fee for the 1,800-dollar contract work.

Bowers said his company eventually found that the Philippine-based firm, which is located in Ortigas in Pasig, allegedly copied code from another website.

“Along the way they ripped gamesitescript.netdemosite (we have screen grabs of this). They have not delivered on the agreed content. We have nothing for our money apart from what they uploaded to our server here We do not even have a zip of the rubbish they created,” Bowers added.

My thoughts:

  1. I am a Filipino web developer.
  2. I have been involved in many web development projects with foreigner clients, both as an individual and as part of a group, composed of other Filipinos, other nationalities, and Filipinos + other nationalities.
  3. There are many other developers, Filipinos and other nationalities, all dealing with foreign clients on both large and small projects, relying on income from these on a reguar basis. It has come so that these foreign clients are unaware of, or just don’t care, what the developer’s nationality is. They just want the job done.
  4. These operate on a basis of trust, built from many years of delivering honest quality service.
  5. I believe that the above situation is an exception to the norm. If not, I at least believe that the focus should be on how the foreign client did not exercise due diligence, before making payment. A requisite for any business deal, whether online, offline, across shores or across the street.
  6. Mr. Bowers will best be served if he approaches the police, and not the press. This is a police matter.

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