Pure Shmure

I know these are harsh words, but trust me when I say I’ve tried not to say them. Here it is: I do not recommend the 02 XDA Atom Pure.

I’ve had it for longer than two weeks, and as of yet I’ve not had it provide any level of reliability or usability.

I’ve had the black one too, and I wrote about it back in May. Results were almost similar, except that was even worse as it was slow. This white one, nicknamed ‘Pure‘, a limited edition version with a firmware update (as I understood it) and a replacement to the black one when I told them about my problems with it, is a lot faster but nonetheless – and I really hate to say this – useless.

Let me try to bullet point it.

  1. Firstly, I am not its intended market because I’d be the first to admit I’m not a big fan of PDAs. I find these expensive computer wannabees as pure tech-toys than anything else, things to brag about or show to friends, but with very limited practical use. However, I promise you I’d still appreciate something well done if it showed it, and this did not.
  2. Secondly, my main gripes are that it hangs, and that it forgets the time and date after you turn it off. I was told the updates would fix this, but it did not.
  3. Another issue is how unreliable wifi is. I’ve only been able to use mobile wifi on the Nokia N91, and I found the experience exceptional. Here however, IE takes a long time to load pages, even if I it says it was connected. Also, ever since I connected with Robinson’ Galleria’s wifi network, it never gave up that connection even when I was trying to connect with Airborne Access or an Ayala network. So when I was at Glorietta yesterday, it kept saying it had a medium connection to Galleria’s, and when you try it, you get zilch. Annoying.
  4. Finally, and this is related to the first one: I find the idea of texting via a stylus on a tiny keyboard completely stupid, and the idea that one should pay P45,000.00 for a gadget that forces you to do so LUDICROUS. If I’m gonna shell out P45,000.00, I not only want something luxurious (which this is), I’d want something that’d make everyday tasks easier (which this IS NOT).

I’m returning it today, and I told the PR firm what I felt. I’m not sure if they understood what I meant, but they’ll find out soon enough when I write my review.

For the most part, my reviews usually favor the manufacturer by default, what with my belief that something hyped so much and costs this much can’t possibly be this bad, and my hesitation to write something negative in the first place. However, they’ve had their chance, and so I need to do my job.

Needless to say, this is all my opinion of course, gathered after some time using it (or trying to use it in this case). Ergo, I might be wrong, and so I’d like to hear from others who’ve had a positive experience with it. Prove me wrong, please. Otherwise, its thumbs down for this one.

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2 thoughts on “Pure Shmure

  1. Tnx bro if n0t with you 2m0r0w i must be trading my cybershot which for me dbest cellph0ne. I can do here evrytng and i do have unlmted ntrnet acess. F n0t with u i myt b losing ol of these.

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