RV – Runaway Vacation

There’s not much to say about RV – Runaway Vacation, so maybe doing it bullet point style I’ll make it more readable:

  • First Robin Williams film I’ve seen after quite a while.
  • Starring pop singer ‘JoJo’ Levesque who’s fast becoming a star and who did fairly well with her role, so fans would definitely want to see her in this one.
  • Basically a story about the chief character’s (Williams) attempt to try and get his dysfunctional family to spend time together via a cross country trip in an RV (recreation vehicle), while at the same time trying not to miss an important presentation to merge an upstart soda company with his bigger company, run by tyrant boss Will Arnett, all the while not telling his family about it.
  • I’ve not seen Adam Sandler’s Click yet, but I presume the story is more or less the same.
  • It isn’t particularly clear why he doesn’t want to tell his family that he is trying to do both things at the same time, albeit this is the main detail in the plot that puts him in all the funny situations. Williams is constantly battling time, gadget misfirings, traffic, and his family’s wailings to try and do both.
  • Unfortunately, that one detail is what sinks it for me. Why doesn’t he tell his family? There’s some explanation in the end when they eventually find out, where he explains that he didn’t want them to think badly of him as they were instead supposed to go on a more expensive Hawaii trip, cut short by his boss’ instructions. But that just doesn’t cut it for me. His character seems intelligent and well-intentioned, so it doesn’t make sense why a guy like him would go the deceitful route. And besides, they don’t think highly of him already, so what’s to lose? Also, he didn’t really have a choice about it, the orders coming from his boss. Hence, my questions unanswered, I just lost interest.
  • There’s a lot of subplots, the highlight of which is his family’s relationship with the weird Gornickes, the father played by eternal second banana Jeff Daniels. I don’t know why Jeff Daniels hasn’t gotten leads yet, preferring always to be ‘the other guy with Jim Carrey in “Dumb and Dumber“.
  • The movie ends too abruptly, though, for the plots and subplots to fully thresh out. Movies like these that do that always make me feel like they were supposed to end differently, but were cut quite abruptly due to some concession of time, budget, or whatever. At any rate, it does, and so goodbye plot which was actually going somewhere at some point.
  • The only saving grace left would be the gags, and that we have plenty. Williams must be a zillion years old by now, but he’s still funny, and still brings a ton of energy.
  • Watch the movie for the Robin Williams gags, and that’s it. Too bad, since it seemed to be on its way to a nice ending, where the family would really bond. They do, but it was too sudden to be believable. It held promise at the start, and the Gornicke subplot had the makings of something memorable, but it just ended suddenly for some reason. To conclude then: Not a total waste of time, but definitely forgettable.

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1 thought on “RV – Runaway Vacation

  1. Perhaps Robin Williams will redeem himself in "The Night Listener" where he will most certainly creep us out again just like he did in "One Hour Photo".Jeff Daniels is the lead actor in "The Squid and the Whale" which wasn't shown at the cinemas here but I did see a DVD copy of the film in the video stores but alas it is too expensive to buy.    

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