Girl fired via text

A yawner of a news article From Yahoo:

LONDON (AFP) – A company has defended its decision to sack one of its staff by text message, claiming it was keeping in touch with youth culture. Katy Tanner, a 21-year-old sales assistant, received the message while she was off work with a migraine, the South Wales Echo newspaper said Friday.

The text message said: “We will not require your services anymore…Thank you for your time with us.

“I don’t think it’s right to just text someone. At least they should have talked to me face to face,” Tanner said.

From the looks of it, it’s more likely she’s peeved because she was fired, and not necessarily that she was fired via text. I mean, what if she was promoted instead? Would she have felt it was inappropriate then?

At any rate, the reason this caught my attention was the increasing number of SMS related incidents appearing on international news. SMS is finally catching up with the rest of the world. We over here are used to this sort of thing, and they’re just starting to go through the stuff we do on a daily basis.

So in the next few months, look out for text-scams, text-romances, stories about how relationships are affected (positive and otherwise) via text, stories about old people or people you don’t expect to learn text start to learn how, entrepreneural attempts, doing business via text, etc.

I don’t know if we’d see stories related to ‘free text’ scams and such, since text is probably free over there, or at least far too cheap to be bothered about. There’ll definitely be stories of spam text, however. Or at least bogus ‘you are a winner!!’ text.

Also, I wonder why there are no sex scandals yet, like stories of floating .3gp videos taken surreptitiously from some careless phone cam owner. Manila can produce so much of these just by itself. I can’t imagine Britain and the US to be that far behind.

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