What is wrong with teens these days?

Lone Mage posted this today, where he finds something wrong about this link:

Teenagers who listen to music with explicitly sexual lyrics start having sex sooner than those who prefer other songs, a study found.

Whether it is hip-hop, rap, pop or rock, much of popular music aimed at teens contains sexual overtones. Its influence on their behavior appears to depend on how the sex is portrayed, researchers found.

Songs depicting men as “sex-driven studs” and women as sex objects, and with explicit references to sex acts, are more likely to trigger early sexual behavior than those where sexual references are more veiled and relationships appear more committed, the study found.

You know what? He’s right, there is something wrong. When I was a teenager, I didn’t need no sexual lyrics to think of sex. I thought of sex ALL THE TIME!!

And now kids today need songs to think of sex? Wusses!

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4 thoughts on “What is wrong with teens these days?

  1. yeah levi. and about your other post, dont worry, i was also thinking about violence – whenever i wasnt thinking about sex.

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