Of DSL, PLDT bills, A Job, Overwhelmed with Writing Assignments & 2 Other Random Thoughts

  1. Today our phone bill exploded in my face and the phone got cut (but not DSL. Hooray for PLDT’s internal communications!). Apparently, the bill was a whopping 12k+ since last our last recorded payment April 4, a fact my sister wants to dispute since she pays the bill herself while I fork over my agreed monthly share of 2.5k a month.

    I was woozy from having to shell out such a large amount off of my wallet which believe me, is a deeply dramatic moment. Things may look normal to the casual observer, but to me everything was going in slow motion while the background music in Apocalypse Now blares loudly in my head, at the part where helicopters napalm a village as a shirtless Robert Duvall says how he loves the smell in the morning.

    At any rate, pending proof that we had paid sometime after, (which I doubt as we probably just missed the payments pure and simple), that’s money I should have paid anyway, so I really shouldn’t feel bad.

    Also, I got further news that I can cut my 1.3 year old DSL account, which I pay a quite stupid amount of P1,995.00 a month for, and re-apply for the P999.00 bracket. I supposedly get 768kb/s at my current rate, but I seriously doubt that. I should check really, but I can’t think of a bandwidth tester right now.

  2. I applied for a locally based blogging network last week, but am seriously reconsidering due to the intense callcenter type schedule they maintain. It’s a pity, as it’s very interesting and looks like my kind of thing. However I’ve had to juggle some priorities in my head and am completely unhinged as to what to do.

    The important thing is for me to figure out where it is I am able to achieve more, as I’ve set a deadline for myself. In this regard, going solo holds boundless opportunities, but only if I make the best of those opportunities. Otherwise, I’m better off employed.

    There are a few details that I’ve decided to wait to iron out before making a decision, but it’s getting clearer to me by the second, so by tomorrow I’d likely have made up my mind. I’m so thankful to them that they’ve allowed me the chance to think things over. You don’t usually get that in most companies, so this is a good sign that they’re gonna go places.

  3. A senior at my client asked for help installing their Vonage service, which included a Linksys WRTP54G Router bundled.

    Now I’ve heard and even written about VOIP for quite awhile now, but it’s still amazing when after you set it up, you pick up the phone handset and hear a dial tone. My client promptly made a call to his daughter in LA and got the answering machine, it being 1am there. It’s just an amazing experience, part “This is what the internet is all about!” and “PLDT is so screwed!“.

  4. I’d just gotten off the phone from Eva, Great Chief Of All Editors over at Mobile Philippines Mag. We were discussing a writing style she was asking me to apply to an article I’m doing, about how it should be ‘fun’ and ‘smart’. I’d determined the way to do this was to write it while smiling and putting a finger to my head as if in deep thought, so that problem’s licked, although typing might be hard.

    I know that’s not her official designation, but it should be, considering how the place would probably fall apart without her. Yes that sounds extreme, but I’ve no doubt even Adel would agree. She’s priceless and solid as a rock reliable, and mags should have at least one person like her as writers would be running around like headless chickens if it weren’t for her. And btw, that has NO bearing on the fact that my article’s two days late, and I’m smiling my socks off that she’s willing to extend it to accomodate my lazy, slow and non-fun, non-smart ass. Absolutely NOTHING to do with that.At.All. Zero. Zilch.

  5. Ok what else. Oh, Kikay Exchange is doing pretty well. We’ve got 8 members now since inception, and posts keep popping up from the excited and all willing to share beauty tips kikay members. It’s amazing that the one blog I’ve managed to see do well doesn’t have me as a writer for it. I wonder what that means. Hmmm…

    Anyway, inspite of the fact I’d like to think of myself as a with-it guy (ahem), I’m completely at a loss to the stuff they’re talking about over there. Apparently, girls spend a ton of what they earn on makeup, inspite of the fact they don’t always understand it. It makes for a great topic to discuss on the internet since everyone’s so bewildered, and are constantly on the lookout for better stuff that someone / anyone would reportedly say is great.

    What this all means? IT’s A MARKETER’S DREAM, and the ads are finally cooperating. I’ll sign it up to Chitika and Text-Link as soon as the Google PR come up, which is anytime now.

  6. Since the phone’s been cut, it’ll take two days before its reactivated, which is a pain since I’m supposed to interview someone 9pm tonight and I’ll have to use my cellphone. That’s normally ok except for the fact that I’m very very cheap I’m on prepaid.

    Anyway, she’s the VP for Operations of Moondishfoods, a small husband and wife startup in the early 90’s which has now grown into a several hundred employee operation, exporting to several countries all over the world. Our conversation was cut short when she had to leave for an appointment, and she asked me to call tonight.

    I’m glad I’m writing for this new business magazine (details later as I’m not sure I can divulge it yet), in particular about startups that have gotten big. It just so happened that last week I was able to interview Cheese and Lex Ledesma for PDI lifestyle, owners of Nami Beach Resort in Boracay, and they were fascinating individuals with interesting stories to tell.

    This is partly one of the reasons why I continue to write for as long as I have. How else would I be exposed to such admirable, exciting people as these? These people think out of the box, and are so infectious with their desire to lead lives that are so different if only because they strive to excel in everything they do, even if they themselves don’t see how special it is, and in fact it frustrates them to see people treat how they make money as if it was magic, when it’s all quite simple in reality. They all work very hard, invest smartly, and are constantly excited with their many ideas.

    And speaking of interesting people, next week I’m about to interview the biggest celebrity I’ve ever come into contact with, and I’m very excited. I’ve been conducting the interview in my head for the past week since I was told I’d have twenty minutes with him, and hopefully I wont end up with egg on my face. PDI pays me less than 1k per article, but that’s really beside the point. Again, how else would I meet people like these?

Hmm.. that’s it! Can’t think of anymore stuff to write about. I’ll go rest until my interview tonight.

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9 thoughts on “Of DSL, PLDT bills, A Job, Overwhelmed with Writing Assignments & 2 Other Random Thoughts

  1. I’ve been trying to get a _decent_ DSL service in our area ever since I started working (4 months ago). Same reply: no ports available, and they are asking me to switch to their WiFi service. It’s possible that once you disconnect, you won’t be able to signup for another wired connection.

  2. yeah i heard about that too. That’s exactly what happened to my friend, which is why I’m also hesitant.

    The girl who told me that said it would be ok to do that says that ‘there will be available ports by september’. Why the hell wouldn’t there be any available ports if I’m using one right now?


  3. wahaha apocalypse now and seeing the amount due on bills.now that sounds familiar, although my mental music is always the theme from Jaws.As for #5, oh believe me, us girls spend A LOT on makeup!(more for make-up that will make it appear as if we’re NOT wearing make up).

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