Bulletpoints du Jour

  • I’ve got two appointments today, a presscon in the afternoon, a meeting before that, the press launch of a new Nokia phone in the evening, two articles to write start and one to re-edit (yes ‘re-edit’ since i’ve already edited it and now i’ve to do it again). Yet here I am blogging away using time I could use for better purposes. Haay.
  • I’ve a new blogging project I’m seriously giving thought, and I’ve no doubt it’d be interesting, but unfortunately I’m spreading myself too thin. Movie Exchange isn’t moving (hadn’t had time to watch) and I’m starting to concentrate on Ballex, given the UAAP and the Fiba World Championships are coming round.

  • Kikay is just going great guns. As I speak right now, Chelle is writing her first post. Yes I have to wrestle her to do so, but hey, whatever’s effective. There are now 95 comments, 20 posts, 14 writers and two happy owners. I’ve determined the next step, which is to look for more material via featuring local manufacturers of beauty products. Yep, just like any beauty magazine. I’ve contacted one and we’re to meet this week. That’s right, marketing and PR is on full blitz, and Kikay’s gonna shoot to fame. Incidentally I’m happy we chose the name Kikay as opposed to ‘Beauty’, which I found ostentatious. Kikay has a better localized flavor, and is humorous and light, which is my preferred mood for the site.
  • I’m completely addicted to Top Gear, an automotive show in the UK. They are the best in the business, has won an Emmy and is so engrossing and interesting even non motor heads are hooked. The chief host is Jeremy Clarkson, and he’s my idol as far as reviewing things are concerned. He practices what I’ve long believed in reviewing stuff, which is: not to take it too seriously / concentrate on entertaining / it doesn’t really matter what you say / an opinion is never wrong or a mix of those three.

    I noticed whenever the issue is subjective, such as the color or design of a car, for example, he always takes the opposing view, and as a result, is often lambasted for going against popular opinion. But its obvious he only does so for entertainments sake, and those who don’t get it are often at their wit’s end.

    After a while of reviewing tech products, I’ve realized that style is more gratifying than an out and out review. See, reviews are boring. No matter how you discuss something, people will never really appreciate how much you feel. And so, why not entertain them instead? And so Top Gear does so via episodes where they drive a Range Rover all the way to the top of a mountain, or they race a Porsche Cheyenne to a target vs. a paratrooper, or a Jaguar against champion freestyle mountain climbers. Its not necessarily as extensive. There’s a favorite episode where Clarkson, invited for the opening of a small town’s swimming pool, drives an old Rolls Royce directly into it. One of my favorites is when they bought three old, legendary Italian mid-engine cars, a Lamborghini, a Maseratti and a Ferrari, under a UK10k budget each, and subjected them to different tests, all of which they failed, impressing upon the viewer how terribly unreliable they all were, albeit beautiful to look at.

    And all very very entertainig. If you’ll notice, the specs and details are only slightly discussed. The important thing is it’s entertaining.

Ack it’s 11am. Off to work!

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