J Angelo Gets It Done

Congrats to J Angelo Racoma for his successful efforts to bring Paypal into the country!

Angelo is humble about it, as per his entry:

We think itís good that PayPal has again enabled its services here in the Philippines. This will enable Filipinos here to purchase goods and services online. However, the functionality is still very limited, and we are still not able to use the service for our intended purpose, which is to receive funds. We think this is a bigger aspect, since being able to receive funds online will greatly benefit Pinoys who need a quick, cheap and (relatively) safe means to receive money online from here and abroad.

Itís not perfect, but itís a good start.

I agree, and congratulations are in order to him and those who helped.

3 thoughts on “J Angelo Gets It Done

  1. It’s actually a certain Mr. Reyes who visited the top brass of Paypal. Paypal executives were certainly sold on OFW remittances. Whether OFWs decide to use Paypal is another matter.

  2. Not Mr. Reyes but Mr. Cervantes. Yep, getting cuts from OFW remittances are indeed very lucrative.

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