PR5 means I should update this more often

For some odd reason I cannot completely comprehend (nor accept), this blog has gained a Pagerank 5 (PR5) rating from Google, inspite of the fact that I had not written on it in weeks.

What’s more, the more famous by intention Basketball Exchange, which had also retained a PR5 rating for several months previous, and receives daily hits of almost 1000 pageviews especially during the recent UAAP, was downgraded to a PR4.

Such factors leading me to decide a.) I know nothing about how google rates websites, and b.) I should update this blog more often.

Given the fact I have little to do with A, I’ve decided to work instead on B, being the more immediately addressable issue of the two. Hence:

  • My article about Cheese and Lex Ledesma, plus Dra. Menguita Padilla came out last Sept, entitled Tech-savvy movers and shakers, a far cry from my original title (and intention), but went out ok nonetheless. As usual, it has been chopped mercillessly, assumedly to incorporate Cheese Ledesma’s excellent PR pic, which quite justifies it I think. Who can resist reading an article with a long haired, tanned and bronzed beauty sucking on a Big Chill (their product) shake? To hell with great writing! Just slap on her pic and that article’s gonna get read!
  • A second more recent article, less massacred this time, came out last October 3 entitled The best rivalry in the tech world. Again, not my choice of original title, as it is waaaay off from my article’s pont. However, the point, which was to introduce The Best Macs Available (which was my original title), was sufficiently delivered, so I guess I should be happy.

    The PR people have however found issue with my referring to the MacBook Pro 17″ as a “Mac Pro 17” and a “MacBook 17”, and so an erratum has been issued just now to correct such.

  • My next article will be about Matahari Studios and 90’s portal throwback

    So there you have it, new updates for this blog. To Google, and whoever else has worked to make this blog achieve PR5, I will endeavour to find time to update this again. Not that there are no new developments – trust me when I say there have been many great and exciting developments in the world of – but because I’m really just swamped with work.

    Till later then.

    update oct162006: pr rank has gone back to 3. all is right with the (confusing) pagerank world once again.

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