Your typical Rant Post

I would just like to say that at this very moment, I am downloading mysql, php and phpmyadmin onto my computer, as well as setting up IIS to enable XP to locally host a Drupal project which I am working on at the moment.

Whilst I would look forward to such activity at the early stages of my learning several years ago, and consequently look fondly back to those days today, I am wont to install these things at present time because a. they are a hassle to install and b. I’d rather work on the live version I’ve uploaded on my hosted webserver, and c. I’ve got a bajillion things to do other than f$#%!@cking set these things up. Things like, look for clients, prepare ad campaigns, strategize with the ballex, kikays and momex people, climb every mountain, forge every stream, etc. etc.

Why then would I do this now? Simply because the goddam pldtdsl service is once again acting up, and there would be long (5-10 minute) delays where there is absolutely no connection whatsoever to the outside world. Not even DNS. Nothing. I know what you’re thinking. Yes I’ve checked the router. Yes I’ve checked the cables. They’re all ok. Trust me, it’s the service.

So just let me say $#@*!)%*!)@(*)!(*#)%(*!)($)@(#*!!!!!!!!!!!#@@!!#!!!!.

Whew. Ok the downloads are finished. Back to work.

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