Aklatangpambata was featured by the Probe Team!

I missed it, but the episode was aired last October 11, 2006. From the Probe Team archive:

Have shoes, will travel. But then, who said you needed shoes to see the world? Change that to: have book, will see the world! Reading affords one the opportunity of being to so many places in the world, of going through vicarious experiences, and of feeling a gamut of emotions. The problem begins though when you canít even afford to buy books. The good news is, a group of volunteers, headed by librarian Troy Lacsamana opened a childrenís library in Barangay Paltok, Quezon City and they conduct storytelling sessions on Saturdays. This library is giving the chance to children in the neighborhood to their right to learn, have fun, and truly be children!

Congrats to Troy, head honcho of Aklatangpambata.org, one of my earliest Free Websites for NGOs projects and no doubt the most successful one.

There have been many NGOs who’ve approached me and proclaimed interest, but for some reason or other just disappear or change their minds. I can’t understand why this happens, given that it’s already FREE for God’s sake, and Aklatan has shown that the synergy of using mutiple media to promote their cause is worth it. I regularly read about individuals and even whole companies signing up for time to help them out now, all unlikely to have happened without their website. Youd think that if their cause was any worth it it’d be worth pursuing.

At any rate, congrats again to Troy and Aklatan!

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