Ouch and Argh Day

I’ve cancelled my planned trips today because I’m going through a gout attack, something I go through around once a year and let me tell you right now, it is so fucking PAINFUL, but I cannot do much other than bear it and take allopurinol. I try not to be a pill – popper, so I’ve only taken a painkiller once today and I’m trying to avoid taking another one although I’m tempted.

Sometimes (and I think I thought this the last time this happened to me), I wanna just make a small incision on my left big toe where the pain is, thinking maybe the blood in that area contains all the toxins so my body can get rid of all of it in one go, but lacking any medical proof this might work its probably a bad idea. And besides, cutting up my toe might lead to a wound that might even get an infection, considering my foot would need to heal while its inside a dark, damp shoe.

So ok scratch that I think I talked my way out of it. But I just have to do something.

So I think I’ll go to the market right now and buy some food. I know that doesn’t make sense but the ref is bare and maybe moving around my help. I just finished Season 3 of Project Runway out of boredom and when I tried to get up the pain just zaps me back to reality. I figure maybe if I move around it’ll help. Maybe, maybe not, but I’ll survive, and at least we’ll have food so I can cook dinn tonight and that’d keep me busy and distracted because I like cooking.

I know this post might not be making all that much sense as I’m just writing down the first words I think of, but I’m writing it anyway without editing and I’d be interested to read this after all of this goes away to see what kind of stuff I write while going through this.

I’ve got so much to say and so much to do, all exciting, great stuff related to the Exchanges, especially Mobex which is like a baby of mine going through its first steps. The other day it had 22 unique hits and then 34 and now I think it’s got 51 or something and I’m reminded of the time we (Jill and I) used to observe Kik’s hits day by day, and we’d text each other how happy we were when it’d hit 100 for a day and now its doing above 200 and it’s really amazing. Ballex is losing steam a bit due to no posts but it still makes its share of hits, although Kiks has been swamping it for now.

Mobex is gonna follow believe me. A fancy new gadget daily! With prices and specs and everything. Who wouldn’t want that?

I’ll go to the market now. I’ll buy fish and tomatoes and some pork and rice. Dang this hurts.

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