Microsoft Vista Launch Is Good For Your Health

Or mine, at least.

See, if there’s anything i like about hotels, it’s the bathtub and hot / cold water galore. And Thu night at the MS Vista launch, whilst all the other press dudes were revelling (or what little revelry they could find) in Tagaytay, I was soaking my old, tired, aching, and supremely pained self in my room at Taal Vista care of Microsoft, no less. I dunno which was better, the terrific hot soak or the fact its paid for by MS. It just feels extra cool and everything that way.

At any rate, believe me the fact that gout is described as ‘excruciating’ and ‘numbing’ pain in medical websites is not an accident. The pain is hard to describe, its almost… spiritual, if there’s ever a word for it. I’ve dislocated my elbow, gotten banged up in all sorts of creative ways and even passed kidney stones, but this one is especially different because it is just so unrelenting, never allowing you a moment’s rest. Even sleep, the age old remedy, is not enough. This thing will wake you up to remind you it’s there. In the wee hours of the morning when you feel most helpless and least able to bear it, there it is, saying ‘hello!’ and ‘would you like some more?’.

I think I’m at the tail end of this one now, though. And that soak helped in a big way. I usually find it hard to relax in hotels, but I just couldn’t care less. If a spirit decided to invite himself in and / or fingers grow out of my head I wouldn’t have given a damn. It was that good.

So anyway, to things Microsoft. The Vista launch was terrific, eventful and also very fun. All of us press, PR and MS people alike had a great time and I think everyone would’ve felt the same for sure. We talked just as much about our friends and families as much as we did about work, and so did the geeks (which obviously is a big thing).

Adel, my editor at Hinge who was part of the group has talked about the Zune with complete pics and stuff at his blog. Me not being a gadgets fan (yes. I’m not really.), kind of brushed it off when it was handed over to me. I should’ve taken the hint when I saw him get all excited, but really, I was more interested in Vista, Sharepoint and Exchange, (and only mildly at Office 2007), which were all launched at the same afternoon. Talk about a Microsoft brainwash, that was a full 5+ hours of nothing but Microsoft stuff. Not complaining though as I enjoy these kinds of things. Keep em comin, I say.

I’ll be writing all about these things later. As of today I have to:

  1. Make a new /shop graphic for the Kikay shop. – DONE! Check it out.
  2. Write a Canon article for 2bu.
  3. Write a Speed article (postponed till further notice. Found out I can move this later.)
  4. Put up a Mobile Exchange post.
  5. Make Kikay’s weekly 3rd of 5 ‘Motorola Kikay Phones’ post.
  6. This and that other stuff.

That one event may probably result in as much as 10 articles for me. I can probably write about Vista alone in 20 different ways, from lifestyle, business, the launch itself, new features, a personal take, it’s effect on the industry, etc. etc., and that’s not even counting the other products, so going to the event turned out to be a very good idea, regardless of pain and all.

MS is actually saving a lot from me, as I got 2 invites for this event from 2 different publications, which means they’re getting 2x the mileage for their money’s worth, plus the other stuff I’ll contribute to the other mags I write for and MobEx as well. Well, in light of the refreshing hot soak, I think it’s all good.

Ok then, off to work. Later!

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Vista Launch Is Good For Your Health

  1. i’m excited to read about your take on vista. we got a new dell last tuesday and it comes with a free upgrade. i like the ribbons on office 2007, but i don’t know if it’s something i absolutely need.

    btw…i looove the new /shop graphic.

  2. thanks char. I’ll be putting up Vista screenshot pics soon at mobex, and no most people wouldn’t really need office 2007, but I really didn’t pay that much attention to it so.. :)

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