Google PageRank and my State of Mind

Sometimes, when the wind blows hither nither, Basketball Exchange’s Pagerank is a nice, healthy 5.

Sometimes however, when the moon flies high across the sky, pulling with it the tides below and the ancient living things within, Ballex’s Pagerank is a piddling (for a basketball site), pedestrian and all too ordinary 4.

Poetic inducements aside, I resort to such words for lack of an explanation of the quandaries I face as a blog publisher. To wit:

  1. Why is Ballex’s PR sometimes 4, sometimes 5?
  2. Why is Pisces Iscariot’s PR sometimes 5, sometimes (gasp) 3?
  3. Why in the flying flak fudacious does KikayEx not have a PR rank yet after almost 5 months in existence?

These, as well as many other wonderments continue to astound and hound my dreams and inner fantasies. My websites, my great grand living, breathing, tangible examples of grandiose dreams and supreme aspirations stand, nay, kneel naked and vulnerable, in complete abeyance to that great mysterious spirit known as Google Pagerank.

How long can I sit and wait, perplexed, gazing at Google’s Blog and relating pages, perusing in confusion its inner workings? Must others serve to continually lay upon me their lame explanations, which serve little but to frustrate me with information I already know or of vague importance? Perhaps its my style of clothing? Perhaps I should buy my better dogfood for my pet? Or maybe it’s which shoe I put on first wherein lies the key?

Here I sit, uncertain.

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