I’m going to sue PLDT

For not having a backup system in place to prepare for situations like the Taiwan earthquake, no matter how rare these might be.

For not finding an alternative means of reliable internet connectivity during said time period.

For losses incurred by my internet – reliant business during period, both for present and future activities.

For relying their long distance and internet business on underground cables that connect to a country that is known to lie on an earthquake fault.

Should I be billed my full PLDT DSL bill during said period, and not given a discount or rebate, whether I ask for one or not, I will sue them for this as well.

Nah I’m just kidding. But someone should, don’t you think?

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  1. I think someone should, really. We’re so used to crappy service that we just put up with it even if we don’t deserve to. I can relate because I’ve experienced the horrors of Smart WiFi/Bro, which is PLDT too. :D

  2. oo nga, someone should really sue!

    we can do it ourselves though, we just have to ask for so much so damages so that we can still afford the filing fees and then find another internet-dependent lawyer to take up the cudgels for free.

    sassy lawyer anyone? :)

  3. you need to sue them, i wil distribute this site and we need to make a petition that we shouldnt have to pay, for services not rendered !!!
    i got my bill of 7000 today. and just 2 secs ago i got disconnected 3times, disrupting the flow of what i need to do online.

  4. Yeah, I agree. I’m going to sue PLDT, too. But my case is a bit more terrible. Im running a small call center and ever since the earthquake in Taiwan happened, the 2 dsl lines in my office are useless. We heavily depends on internet to receive inbound calls and we lost lots of deals up to now. I pay them for the total of 14k+ pesos a month and receive such a crappy service! Finally I decided to terminate these 2 dsl and they tell me Ihave to pay a pre-termination fee which is 3 times of the monthly payment! This is really ridiculous! Im going to sue them! Please help me if you know the procedure. Tks a lot

  5. i hope pldt chokes on a rock and gets 47 abotions at the same time
    i hope pldt and manny pangilinan chokes on a penis that is 1 inch large,

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